The Teacher Training in Catholic Religion provides a theological education and an educational-scientifical and didactical pre-professional education as well as a practical-school-education for the religious education at secondary schools.

The graduates have basic knowledge about the analysis of religious texts and traditions, the history and development of religious phenomenons and institutions as well as their systematic and practical reflection. They learn the skills of the use of subject specific methods (source study, text exegesis, insight into historical, systematical, political and practical-theological contexts, didactical analysis etc.) and the skill to plan, form and accompany the educational processes in a religious context.

Expiring version of the curriculum

  • The version 2002 of the Teacher Training Programme in Catholich Religion is expiring on 30th april 2020.
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Graduate surveys

The Unit for Quality Assurance of the University of Vienna regularly surveys graduates after completion of their degree programmes. Results of graduate surveys