A Master´s Programme with two different study schedules

Graduation from the master´s programme without Licentiate

For students with a non-theological degree (bachelor degree or higher), who want to learn more about an interdisciplinary theological area (f. e. Religious Philosophy, Medical Ethics, questions about the religious law etc).

Further information

Graduation from the master´s programme with Licentiate

For students with a bachelor degree in Theology  according to the Roman Study Regulations. These students can acquire a Licentiate of Theology (lic. theol) with this Master Degree Programme plus an appropriate study progress.

Further information

  • The modules 3 - 5 of the Master Degree Programme offer (depending on the chosen focus) various possibilities - in agreement with the supervisor of your master thesis - to arrange an individual study schedule.
  • The degree programme also offers preconceived study schedules for those, who want to finish the Master Degree Programme with a licentiate.