Bachelor's paper

A Bachelor's paper is written as a partial achievement in a course with continuous assessment. The curriculum specifies in which courses with continuous assessment a bachelor´s paper may be written.

Special approval of the subject and supervisor is not required. The bachelor thesis is assessed by the respective course instructor of the course. The assessment of the paper is part of the overall assessment of the course (in addition to presentation, participation, etc.). It may be given special consideration (i.e. to a greater extent than, for example, a seminar paper) in the assessment of the final grade.


In which course can you write a Bachelor's paper?

Study programme:Module:Scope:
BA Teacher Training Religious EducationUF RK 16seminar essay
BA Theological Education 07KTB or 08KTB or  11KTB or 13KTB or 18KTBextended seminar essay (50.000 characters), additional 5 ECTS
BA Catholic Religious Education14KRP or 18KRPextended seminar essay (50.000 characters), additional 5 ECTS
BA Religious Studies16RWB or 17RWBextended seminar essay (50.000 characters), additional 5 ECTS