Doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis proves the ability of the doctoral candidate to conduct independent scientific work on a high academic level.


Appointment of the reviewers of the thesis

The assessment of your thesis will be done by two reviewers. The reviewers have to be appointed by the Studienpräses of the University of Vienna: In consultation with your supervisor you have to suggest two possible reviewers. Please note, that your supervisor may not be one of the reviewers.The reviewers can be requested at the earliest six months before uploading the dissertation in HOPLA.

Application for the appointment of the reviewers

The following documents need to be submitted at the StudienServiceCenter (scanned by mail) :

After obtaining an opinion/comment from the Director of the Doctoral Studies on your suggested reviewers, your application will be sent to the Studienpräses of the University of Vienna, who is responsible for the appointment of the reviewers. You will be informed of his decision by mail.

Formal requirements for the dissertation

When structuring your dissertation, you must adhere to the specifications of the University of Vienna and design the title page according to the university guidelines.

Formal requirements and templates for the cover sheet
  • Check your personal data in U:SPACE (e.g. Is your name entered correctly? Are all your academic degrees listed?) Please contact the Center for Doctoral Studies for any necessary changes. The data on your cover sheet of the thesis and the data of your student record at the University of the Vienna must match.
  • Please respect the formal requirements as stated in the infomation sheet of the University (available only in German "Formvorschriften bei der Einreichung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten")
  • For the cover sheet the templates of the University of Vienna have to be used. For a Doctoral Programme please use the template "Cover sheet Doctoral Programme". For a PhD-programme please use the template "Cover sheet PhD".

Upload of the thesis for the plagiarism check

The uploading of your thesis in HOPLA for the plagiarism check is the first step of the submitting process.

Uploading the thesis for the plagiarism check

  • Upload your thesis in pdf format in HOPLA
  • Information about the uploading and the plagiarism check can be found in the information sheet of the University of Vienna (available only in German). If you have any questions about the uploading or problems with the uploading, please contact the support team of HOPLA:
  • Send the confirmation of the upload via email  to the SSC. After the plagiarism check and approval of your reviewers by the Studienpräses your thesis will be sent to the reviewers via email for assessment.

Submission of the dissertation

Hardcover papers must be submitted as soon as possible, however no later than prior to graduation. If hardcover papers have not been submitted, no final documents may be sent to you.

Submitting the thesis in printed form

  • Hand in three copies of your dissertation in the entrance area by the post boxes.   Additional copies will be necessary, if one or both of your reviewers will keep his or her copy.  

Assessment of the thesis

The thesis will be sent to the appointed reviewers for assessment. The assessment of the thesis must be done by both reviewers within four months after the submission date.The reviews of your thesis will be sent to you by mail as soon as both reviews are available.