• Students can enrol in this master's programme with a non-theological degree.
  • They have the possiblity to specialise in an interdisciplinary area of Theology, e.g. Philosophy of Religion, Medical Ethics or Religious Law.
  • Furthermore, students can reflect current questions of relevance for the whole of society under the background of actual theological research.
  • The modules 1 and 2 of the master's programme communicate a general basis in theological philosophy and religious studies.
  • The modules 3 to 5 offer the possiblity for an individual focus in accordance with your supervisor of your master thesis.
  • We also provide set plans for the focus in your master's programme.
  • After graduating from this master's programme, students can enrol in the PhD-Programme Advanced Theological Studies/Religious Education.
  • Students with a bachelor's degree in Theology according to the Roman Study Regulations can acquire the Licentiate of Theology (lic. theol.) with graduating from this master's degree programme.


Information at a Glance
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Expiring version of the curriculum

  • The version 2012 of the master´s programme in Advanced Theological Studies is expiring at 30th november 2017
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