Course directory U:FIND

U:FIND is the course directory of the University of Vienna. The courses offered in a winter semester go online on July 1rst , those of a summer term go online on January 15th. You can find in U:FIND detailed information about each course including descriptions of the content, place and time, registration deadlines and who will hold the course.

Please note, that the Faculty offers compulsory courses once each academic year (meaning winter and summer semester; there are not offered each semester) Exceptions: The courses of the Introductory and Orientation period (STEOP) of Diploma- and Bachelor studies are offered each semester.

The teaching programme of the Bachelor-/Master- and Diploma programmes of our faculty can be found in U:FIND under the heading "Directorate of Studies 1-Catholic Theology", if you browse "course directory" . Those of the Doctoral-/PHD-Programmes can be found under the heading "Doctoral Directorate of Studies 36".

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