• You can enrol for this master's programme after finishing a bachelor's programme in Religious Education 
  • It provides a philosophical-theological education as well as a scientifical preprofessional education of religious education teachers, particularly as religious education teachers in secondary schools
  • Further professional fields are
    • theological education areas in ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical institutions
    • adult education
    • public relations
    • in the media industry and
    • in scientific teaching and research.
  • The general educational, didactical and practical preprofessional education completes the theological-scientifical professional training.
  • In particular, the programme communicates in-depth knowledge and critical analysis of the Christian biblical Revelation, the development of the Christian faith and of the ecclesiatical life in context of the spiritual, social, cultural and religious development in history and the present.


Information at a Glance

Expiring version of the curriculum

The 2015 version of the master's degree in Religious Education (all foci) is expiring at 30th november 2019.