Final examination

Registration for the Final Examination in front of an examination commitee

Admission to the Final Examination

  • You can only be admitted to the Final Examination when you completed all courses of the curricula and if your diploma thesis got a positive grade.
  • Students of the Teacher Training Programme, who chose Catholic Religion as their first subject, had to complete their second subject as well as the pedagogics part before.
  • All admission requirements have to be done at least 3 weeks before the Final Examination.

Procedure of the Final Examination

  • The Final Examination will take place in front of an examination committee.
  • Possible subjects for the Final Examination according to the curriculum:
  • Diploma Degree in Catholic Theology A 011 (11W; 15W): The second part of the diploma examination is a public defence of the diploma thesis and consists of a short presentation about the diploma thesis. Afterwards the members of the examination committee will aks questions about the work and its related subjects (e. g. Philosophy).   
  • Teacher Training Programme Catholic Theology A 020 xxx: A subject covering 4 hours per week per semester out of the following subjects:
    • Fundamental Theology
    • Biblical Theology Old and New Testament
    • Dogmatic Theology (II and III)
    • Moral Theology (Specific Moral Theology I and II)