Recognition of Examinations



The following conditions apply for the recognition of examinations that have been passed at the University of Vienna, as well as at external institutions.

  • Only examinations which were passed at authorised post-secondary education institutions can be recognised.
  • You have to be admitted to the study programme for which you are requesting the recognition of examinations.
  • The workload (hours per week per semester and/or ECTS) and the content of each examination must correspond to at least 80% of the workload required at the University of Vienna. 
  • The type of course examination must be equal: Courses with continuous assessment (seminars, pro-seminars, practical courses) cannot be recognised as courses with single examinations (lectures), and vice versa.
  • The recognition of examinations that have already been recognised is not possible. However, you can apply for recognition of the original examination. There is no legal claim to the recognition of formerly recognised examinations.
  • The recognition of one examination for several courses/examinations is not possible. However, it is possible to recognise several examinations for one course/examination, if the equivalence regarding the workload and content can be achieved in this way.
  • Supplementary examinations can not be recognised as an examination for a university degree, since they are admission requirements for a study programme. If you have already passed supplementary tests in other education institutions, inform admission office when you apply for admission. For the recognition of supplementary examinations after admission to the study programme (e.g. supplementary examinations in Latin or Greek), please contact the StudiesServiceCenter Philological and Cultural Studies.
  • Examinations which are part of a pre-study course for your current curriculum can not be recognised.
  • Your application for recognittion of examinations will be checked by the responsible Directors of Studies. They decide in accordance with the study act for the Dean ("Delegationsverordnung").



  • You can find information on the application for the recognition of examination on the page of the respective study programme.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the responsible Director of Studies before your application of recognition.
  • You can submit your application of recognition to Gerald Klepitsch (Schenkenstraße 8-10, 1st floor, room nr. 9a) personally, especially if you have any questions.


Please consider the following issues when you are filling in the application form:

  • You have to enclose a certificate that proves that you are admitted to the study programme (e.g. student record sheet) for which you need the recognition.
  • The certificate must be issued by a post-secondary education institution and must include the following information:
    • Name of the examination/course (if the content is not evident through the name, a description of the course content is necessary).
    • An official certificate about the passed examination with ECTS or hours per week per semester
    • The examination date
    • The type of the course (continous assessment or not, exercise, seminar or lecture)
  • Please note that "attended" is not an accepted grade in Austria.