Supplementary Exams Latin and Greek

For some of our degree programmes an additional qualification in Greek and/or Latin is necessary. If you attended Greek and/or Latin at school for at least ten hours per week, the knowledge is taken as given. If you do not have the required proof, the need to pass a supplementary exam will be specified during the admission procedure. This will be stated in your student record sheet. It is sufficient to pass the supplementary exam(s) during the degree programme.

Diploma programme Catholic Theology:

  • Latin and Greek
  • The supplementary exams Latin and Greek may not be the last exams of the first stage of the diploma programme Catholic Theology

Bachelor programme Teaching Training Catholic religion

  • Latin
  • The additional exam Latin may not be the last exam of the Bachelor programme Teaching Training Catholic religion

How can you take the supplementary exam(s)?

The supplementary exam Greek can be passed by using the offered courses in Greek at the Faculty of Catholic Theology. The preparation for the supplementary exam in Greek starts  with a course (Greek I) in the winter term and is followed by two courses (Greek II and Greek III) in summer term. Additionally the faculty of Catholic Theology and the Faculty of Protestant Theology are offering a summer intensive course each year during the summer break. For more information, please refer to the current course directory.

The supplementary exam Latin can be passed by the offered courses of the Department of Classical Philology at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies. More information: StudienServiceCenter (SSC) der Philologischen Kulturwissenschaften.