Welcome to the website of the StudiesServiceCenter (SSC) of Catholic Theology! The SSC is the central point of contact regarding study organisation and study law in the field of Catholic Theology and Religious Studies. On our website you will find information about the programmes offered by the faculty and on the administration of your studies from the start to the end of your studies.

 Note on SSC operation:

The SSC handles all agendas and applications online! Therefore, please contact us by e-mail via ssc.ktf@univie.ac.at (please send any required documents by e-mail).

If required, we are happy to offer you an appointment for online or on-site counselling (Wed. 10-12 am, Thurs. 2pm - 4pm) by appointment: Please contact the SSC by email, stating your concern, to arrange a precise appointment (at least one day in advance).



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