Mentoring programme for students at the KTF

The Mentoring programme is adressed to all students of the Faculty of Catholic Theology. In the course of your studies you may encounter various problems, e.g. at the beginning of the study or at the end. Together with your mentor you will search for possible solutions and potential contact persons.

Support for international students

Mentors are available for international students:  see here.

Courses in English and Courses in German with English replacement literature can be found here.

The course "Academic German for Theologians" is offered each summer semester (admission requirement for attending: positive completion of the StEOP)

Group of international students: If you are interested in joining, please contact: Samuel Tetteh Siaw

Student counselling of the StV Katholische Theologie and the StV Religionswissenschaft

The StV Katholische Theologie and the  StV Religionswissenschaft offer you the following services, among others:

  • Student counselling by students for students
  • Help with problems during your studies
  • Events and joint activities

Studying and Living

Studying and Living - Who can help me with...?

IT services for members of the University of Vienna

Vienna University Computer Center