The extension curricula are an offer for students in bachelor's degree programmes in which the completion of extension curricula is intended. They each amount to 15 ECTS. 

From winter semester 2022/23, two new extension curricula will be offered at the Faculty: Extension Curriculum Communication and Media Ethics as well as the extension curriculum Ethics and Law in Medicine

In the field of religious studies, we offer the extension curriculum Key Issues in the History of Religion and the extension curriculum Basics and Methods of Religious Studies.

Access to the Master's programme in Religious Studies:

  • Students who have passed both extension curricula in Religious Studies during their bachelor's programme can enrol directly for the Master's programme in Religious Studies after finishing the Bachelor's Degree Programme
  • Students with a non-subject-specific bachelor's degree can enrol in the Master's programme in Religious Studies on condition that they complete both extension curricula during their studies

The ECs "The Bible: Book, History, Interpretation" and "The Role of Christianity in a Pluralistic Society" are offered to you by the Faculty of Protestant Theology. For information and if you have any questions about these ECs, please contact the SSC of Protestant Theology.