Recognition of examination results

What is a recognition?

Positive examination results which have been completed at the University of Vienna or a recognised post-secondary educational institution not during the current studies can be recognised by application of the student if the content (learning outcomes according to the curriculum), the extent (identical ECTS or deviation of less than 25%) and the type of the completed courses (e.g. one or more examination acts, courses with or without continuous assessment) are identical to a large extent with the examination result of the current studies.


When can you apply for a recognition?

You have to be already admitted to the studies, for which you apply for a recognition of the examination results. If the admission procedure is still ongoing, it is not possible to apply for  a recogntion of examinations.


What can be recognised?

  • The extent (hours per week per semester and/or ECTS) and the content (which will be reviewed by the Directorate of Studies) of every seperate examination result must match the result requested by the University of Vienna by at least 80%.
  • The type of completion of the examination must be identical: courses with continuous assessment (PS, SE, UE etc.) can not be recognised as courses without continuous assessment (VO etc.) and vice versa.
  • The recognition of former recognised examination results is not possible, but you can apply for the recognition of the original examination result. There is no legal claim to the recognition of a former recognised examination result.
  • The recognition of one examination result for several courses or examinations is not possible. But  you can apply for the recognition of several examinations for one course or examination, if the required equal value of extent and content can be provided only in this way.
  • Study achievements which you have completed in previous studies and have been a requirement for the admission to your current studies can not be recognised.


What can not be recognised?

If the criteria which are mentioned above are not met the examination result can not be recognised.


Preparation of your application for recognition

Please inform yourself in advance using the curricula, the course directory U:FIND and the information provided by the institutes on their websites about the possible equal value of your passed examinations with the examinations required in your current studies. For subject related questions or questions regarding the content please contact the Vice-Director of Studies in charge of your studies via email or arrange with her or him an appointment during her or his office hours.


Which documents have to be attached to the application for recognition?

You have to prove via certificates the successful completion of examinations which shall be recognised for examinations of your current studies. This certificates must be issued by a recognised post-secondary educational institution.


Submission of the application for recognition

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. The legal deadline for the procession the application is two months.


Submission of the application for recognition

You can find the application forms (in German) on this site under diploma programmes, bachelor programmes and master programmes. Choose the application form for your corresponding current studies.

  • Fill in the application for recognition taking into the account the conditions and regulations mentioned above and attach to the application the required certificates.
  • If the certificates are not issued in German or English you are obliged to submit additionally legalised German or English translations. Documents issued in countries for which legalisation requirements are necessary must have those legalisations (authentications or Apostille)

Submit the application for recognition (including the necessary certificates) via mail to the attention of Mr. Klepitsch:

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