Licentiate within the framework of the Master's Programme Advanced Theological Studies

The Master's Programme in Advanced Theological Studies offers the opportunity to specialize in philosophical, theological, or religious studies issues; as such, it is open to interdisciplinarity.

Students acquire the skills to reflect on current issues of relevance to society as a whole in various academic disciplines by getting to know current outlines of philosophical-theological research.

Five modules will help to develop the basics of philosophical-theological thinking and of scientific studies of religion. At the same time, students will be supervised and given individual attention for their master thesis. The faculty also offers modeled specialization courses for specific focuses.

If you hold a bachelor's degree in theology according to the Roman study regulations ("Primo Ciclo"), you can acquire a canonical licentiate in theology.


Type of study: Master´s degree

Duation: 4 semesters

Scope: 120 ECTS

Degree: Master of Arts (MA); degree equivalent to licentiate

Code: UA 066 795

Language: German

Prerequisite: Bachelor´s degree in theology according to Roman study regulations (2 years of bachelor´s degree in philosophy and 3 years of bachelor´s degree in theology)

Overview of the curriculum (in German)

Long version of the curriculum

 Career orientation and professional fields

The master's programme enables for a field of activity in religious journalism and adult education, in ecclesiastical institutions, in hospital pastoral care, in institutions of development aid and cooperation as well as in international or national NGO organizations.

With the special degree in the licentiate study according to the Roman study regulations, you acquire the right to teach at Church study institutions.

 Further studies

If you hold a baccalaureate in theology according to the Roman order of study ("Primo Ciclo"), you can acquire a canonical licentiate in theology through the special module (M2b). This degree gives you access to the (canonically effective) Doctoral Program in Catholic Theology.