Bachelor's Programme Religious Education Emphasis: Religious Studies


The Bachelor’s Programme of Religious Education with a focus on Religious Studies offers a comprehensive introduction to the various subfields within Religious Studies. It introduces students to the multifarious approaches and methods in the study of religions, in-depth working methods pertaining to cultural studies, as well as skills for the presentation of intercultural issues and the understanding of processes underlying intercultural translation.


Type of study: Bachelor's degree

Duration: 6 semesters

Scope: 180 ECTS

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Code: UA 033 195

Language: German

Prerequisites: High School graduation diploma or university entrance examination

Overview of the curriculum (in German)

Long version of the curriculum (in German)

 Career prospects

This Bachelor’s Programme prepares you for the mediation of knowledge regarding religions and intercultural processes in the fields of journalism and adult education. In addition, it offers students active mediation in intercultural processes, especially in the context of social professions, pedagogical and therapeutic work, healthcare chaplaincy, asylum counselling, and relevant work in development co-operation, both in national and international institutions and NGOs.

Graduates of Religious Studies follow diverse and sometimes surprising career paths beyond the academic milieu. Likewise, an education in Religious Studies might significantly influence individual life plans. Consequently, the department of Religious Studies organises a biannual meeting with graduates to introduce students to different life paths influenced by their degree in Religious Studies, and to inspire them for their own future career development:

QUO VADIS Career prospects for students of Religious Studies



 Further Studies

The completion of this Bachelor´s programme qualifies students for the Master's Programme of Religious Studies. This in turn gives students access to the Doctoral Programme in Religious Studies.