Diploma/Master thesis

Diploma and Master's theses are scientific papers and serve to demonstrate the ability to work on scientific topics independently and in a way that is justifiable in terms of content and methodology.


Registration of the topic and declaration of the supervisor

The topic of the thesis is determined in agreement between a student and the supervisor. The assigment of a diploma thesis or master thesis has to be arranged so that the work can reasonably be done by the student within six months. Information on who is entitled to supervise a diploma thesis or master thesis can be found  here (in German).

Registration of the topic and the supervisor

You can submit the topic of the diploma thesis or the master thesis anytime during your diploma or master study. Please note that it is recommended in the last year of the studies.

As soon as you have a topic and a confirmation about supervision, please register the topic and supervisor by doing the following:

  • In case of a change of the topic and/or supervisor, an amendment has to be submitted (via the registration form)

Formal requirements of the diploma/master thesis

For the design of your diploma thesis or master thesis you have to observe the formal requirements of the University of Vienna and design the title page according to the University requirements as follows:

Formal requirements and title page

Submission of the diploma/master thesis

At the Faculty of Catholic Theology, diploma and master thesis can be constantly submitted. If you plan to take the final examination at a specific date, please take note of the of the deadlines for submission of the diploma or master's thesis.

The first step in the process of submission is the uploading of the diploma thesis or master thesis as a PDF document on HOPLA for the plagiarism assessment, which has to be done before the submission of the printed thesis. Please follow the steps below when uploading the diploma or master thesis for the plagiasrism assessment:

Uploading the diploma thesis or master thesis for the plagiarism assessment

  • Upload your diploma thesis or master thesis as a PDF document on HOPLA. All information on uploading can be found  in the formal requirements for the submission of a  scientific thesis to the University of Vienna.                                 ⇒ In case of questions and problems concerning the same, please contact: e-theses.ub@univie.ac.at
  • After this, a confirmation of the successful upload will be displayed. Please print this confirmation.
  • Send the upload confirmation with your signature by mail to ssc.ktf@univie.ac.at.
  • Once the work has been approved in HOPLA and the upload confirmation has been sent to the SSC, the work is considered submitted. The SSC then sends the work via e-mail to your supervisor for evaluation.

Submission of the hardcover diploma thesis or master thesis

As soon as your work has been cleared on HOPLA, you can send your hardcover copies to the SSC.

You must submit 2 hardcover copies as soon as possible, but at the latest before graduation. If no hardcover copies have been submitted, no graduation documents may be sent to you.

Where can you hand in your hardcover diplomas/Master's theses?

  • You can send the work via mail to the SSC (Schenkenstraße 8-10, 1010 Wien)
  • You can put the hardcover copies in the SSC mailbox (Important: be sure to use the mailbox in the entrance area on the right, the one in front of the SSC is too small).
  • Personal drop-off is possible during opening hours (Wed 10am-12pm, Thurs 2pm-4pm) with advance notice.

Assessment of the diploma thesis or master thesis

The diploma thesis or master thesis will be forwarded to the supervisor for assessment. The thesis has to be assessed within two months after submission, When the assessment is filed, you will be informed by the SSC and receive the review via e-mail. A positively assessed diploma thesis or master thesis is one of the requirements for the admission to the final examination.