Types of courses

There are two types of courses: Courses with non-continuous assessment and courses with continuous assessement. Whether a course is with or without continuous assessment is stated in the description of the course in U:FIND

  • Courses with non-continuous- assessment: Courses with non-continuos assessement are mostly lectures. You can register for courses with non-continuous assessment via U:FIND. Courses with non-continuous assessement are not subject to conditions such as attendance or participation. At the end of the course there will be a oral or written exam.
  • Courses with continuous assessemt: You have to register for a course with continuous assessment via U:FIND within the registration period. In courses with continuous assessment (e.g. seminars, proseminar etc.) you have to complete oral and/or written partial achievments. Your final grade is calculated on the basis of these partial achievements. Information about the partial achievements that will be assessed is provided on u:find and during the respective course.