Catholic Theology (Diploma)

The Diploma Programme of Catholic Theology aims at reflecting Christian faith and Church life in regard of its spiritual, social, cultural and religious factors and validity in history and present.

Students deal with a broad spectrum of subjects of philosophy, biblical, historical, systematic and practical theology as well as religious studies.

They learn how to work methodically in a pluralistic way on textual, historical and philosophical, but also sociological subjects, how to acquire a theologically reflexive competence and skills for the further development of the church and of religious practice in pastoral, educational, socio-political or educational policy, media, and scientific fields of action.







Type of study: Diploma studies

Duration: 10 Semester (6+4)

Scope: 300 ECTS

Degree: Master of Theology (Mag. theol.)

Key figure: UA 011

Language: German

Prerequisite: Graduation diploma of High School or university entrance examination

Supplementary examination: Latin and Greek, if not already completed in 10 credit hours

Overview of the curriculum (in German)

Long version of the curriculum (in German)

 Study Contents

The Diploma Programme of Catholic Theology is subdivided into two study sections. The first section includes an introductory and orientation period (the so-called “STEOP”s), followed by basic courses of the core subjects of Catholic Theology and arbitrary seminar courses. It concludes with the first diploma examination.

The second section includes advanced courses and arbitrary seminars and is to deepen theological studies. At the end, students have to write a diploma thesis. After its positive evaluation, the second diploma examination will end the Diploma Program of Catholic Theology.

 Professional Fields

The diploma degree in Catholic Theology qualifies for multiple professional fields: for priesthood as well as numerous other professions in the church service and in non-ecclesiastical institutions, not least in the academic field.

 Further Studies

By completing the diploma degree in Catholic Theology, students are entitled to start the Doctoral Programme in Catholic Theology as well as the PhD Theological Studies.