In the field of Catholic Theology we offer the follwing Bachelor programmes: Bachelor´s programme Teacher Training Catholic Religion, Bachelor´s programme  Religious Education focus on Catholic Religious Education and the Bachelor´s programme Religious Education focus on Catholic Theological Education.

The Religious Education curriculum has several emphases aimed at different study goals and career fields. They deal with a wide range of topics, from philosophy to theology to religious studies. 

Students acquire basic knowledge in the analysis of religious texts and traditions, their history and development, and their systematic and practical reflection. 

Students develop competencies to accompany learning and dialogue processes in the field of school and education as well as in social, political, church, ecumenical, intercultural and interreligious fields of work.


The curriculum of the bachelor's degree program in religious education comprises of five focal points:

The curriculum of the master's program includes three focal points:

If your interest lies primarily in the school sector, choose a major in Catholic Religious Education in the bachelor's program. Here, the general educational science foundations complement the pedagogical-practical studies and, in conjunction with school practice, your subject-specific education.

If your interest is primarily in the subject area, choose the majors Catholic Theological Education or Religious Studies in the bachelor's degree program.

The Individual Bachelor's Degree in Old Catholic Religious Education Studies (information available in german) is offered at SPL2. For information and questions about this, please contact the SSC of Protestant Theology.