Master's Programme in Religious Education Focus on Catholic Religious Education Studies


The Master’s Programme in Catholic Religious Education requires the Bachelor's Programme in Catholic Religious Education and deepens the scientific and professional education of religious education teachers. There is no obligation to combine it with another teaching subject.

Students will be qualified to reflect on the Christian faith from a well-educated perspective and to develop the practice of religious education in a theory-based way. They learn to plan, shape, and accompany theological and religious education processes of people of different ages and backgrounds; in doing so, they are connected to ecclesiastical, ecumenical, intercultural, and interreligious fields.


Type of study: Master´s degree

Duration: 4 semesters

Scope: 120 ECTS

Degree: Master of Education (MEd)

Code: UA 066 796

Language: German

Prerequisite: Completion of a relevant Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent at a recognised domestic or international university or university of applied science. To compensate for significant differences in terms of content, skills or learning outcomes of the degree programme, supplementary examinations can be prescribed, which must be taken by the end of the 2nd semester of the degree programme.

Proof of language proficiency: Certified proficiency in New Testament Greek (9 ECTS) is required. Students without such certification must complete a course in New Testament Greek (9 ECTS).

Overview of the curriculum (in German)

Long version of the curriculum (in German)

 Professional fields

The Master's Programme in Catholic Religious Education qualifies students primarily for Catholic religious education in secondary schools (first and second stage). It also, however, provides access to numerous other professional fields: theological-pedagogical activities in ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical institutions, adult education, public relations, media, and in the scientific field.

 Further studies

Having completed the Master's Programme in Religious Education with a focus on Catholic Religious Education, students are eligible for the m PhD Programme Theological Studies . Furthermore, admission to the Doctoral Programme in Catholic Theology is possible for students who have obtained 200 ECTS in theology´s core subjects.